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Banking should be an accessible experience



Test everything, with unlimited virtual sandbox users and virtual money !

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Simulate your Embedded Finance experience
  • Real KYC for testing purpose
  • Unlimited virtual accounts in multiple currency
  • Upgraded IBANs
  • Cards
  • API Docs – Api Guide – Shared Postman collection
  • Testing API
  • Simulator to test all kinds of event
  • Sandbox 100% ISO with Live environment


2 700 € / month

Easiest way to make your customer crazy. Embed Finance products and be ready in less than a month !

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Banking as a Service
  • Multi currency Accounts (€, £, $)
  • Multi rails of Transfers (Sepa, Bacs, Faster, Instant, ACH)
  • International Payment – Swift
  • Virtual IBANs
Card as a Service
  • Visa & Mastercard
  • Cards with your own logo & name
  • Single-use virtual cards
  • Share Revenue on Interchange fees
Compliance as a Service
  • Onboarding (KYC & KYB)
  • Account Screening & Transaction monitoring
  • Strong Customer Authentification (SCA)
  • Reporting
Pricing details
Platform Access
2700 € / month

depending on the type of payment and card from

Share Revenue on Interchange fees
50% / card payment

depending on the type of payment and card up to

IBAN Accounts & SEPA transfers
  • Consumer Account with IBAN
    1 € / month
  • Business Account with IBAN
    5 € / month

    including 50 SEPA transactions

  • SEPA Transaction
    0,10 € / transaction

    SEPA INSTANT, UK Faster, SWIFT & Interledger also available

Fully Customizable Mastercard & Visa Cards
  • Printing Cards
    6 € / issuing

    with your own branding & logo

  • Single-Use Virtual Cards
    0,20 € / issuing

    with your own branding & logo

  • Cards
    1 € / month
  • Card Payment
    0,10 € / payment
Complete License & Compliance Management
  • Onboarding (KYC & KYB)
    managed by LinkCy
  • Account Screening & Transaction monitoring
    managed by LinkCy
  • Strong Authentification
    managed by LinkCy

    fully emedded into your interface

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On demand

You have a specific Use Case or high volumes ? Not an issue, we are here ton find solutions !

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  • Dedicated team for implementation
  • Fully customizable white label App
  • Fully customized physical cards
  • FX
  • Account loading with cards
  • Direct Debit
  • White label SCA App
  • Xpay
And so much more!

They use linkcy for

Communities : Investments : Financing : Accounting/Treasury : Insurance :

A unique payment experience

Simplify the investment process for your customers

Control how customers can spend your funding

Automate, track and reconcile payments

Simplify your policyholders’ claims

Empower your community to support you with their daily purchases. Offer them an account (IBAN) and a debit card with your branding that they can manage from your own interface or our white label application.

Generate an IBAN for each of your clients and easily manage all the incoming and outgoing flows. You can even offer them physical or virtual debit cards to build loyalty to your services.

With our customizable accounts and debit cards, you can control everything your clients do with the funds (Payment limits, merchant types, countries,..).

Allow your customers to pay their invoices, payrolls, expenses from your platform with a click. No need to involve their old school bank, just track and reconcile their payments by issuing virtual IBANs and virtual payment cards that can be managed from your own interface.

Don’t make your policyholders front the money and wait for your reimbursement. Instead, put the funds directly on an account (IBAN) in their name on your own interface. They can pay their fees on it by card (virtual or physical) or transfer. Stay in control of the way they use the funds (Payment limits, merchant types, countries,..).