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Use linkcy APIs to embed white-labeled banking features like accounts, cards, IBANs/Swift or Digital Assets into your products.

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Banking should be an awesome experience, not an engineering and compliance challenge.

1 Brand
2 Technical integration
3 Onboarding

Customize of the white label Cards and App.

No need to worry about regulatory compliance and data security, our full-service toolkits come as standard with every solution.

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Use our Sandbox environment to call APIs.

Unplug our web interfaces and build convenient financial steps right into your product to create a perfectly unified customer journey.

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You’ve just created banking features in record set-up time. Let’s bring your product to market !

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Faster and cheaper launch

Time is of the essence. Embed banking features into your product in average 12 times faster than by yourself and reduce launch costs by 90%, while focusing on your core business.

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No need to worry about compliance

Regulations (MLD6, PSD2, GDPR,..) require to integrate various expensive tools (Identity verification & screening, transaction monitoring, customer authentication, business verification services,..) and experts to operate them. We got this covered for you.

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All in one platform

One technical integration to rule them all

Pick the services you want (Accounts, Cards, International transfers, Crypto custody,..) and create the experience your clients need. No additional provider needed.

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Risk management

State of the art security

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They use LinkCy for

Communities : Investments : Financing : Accounting/Treasury : Insurance :

A unique payment experience

Simplify the investment process for your customers

Control how customers can spend your funding

Automate, track and reconcile payments

Simplify your policyholders’ claims

Empower your community to support you with their daily purchases. Offer them an account (IBAN) and a debit card with your branding that they can manage from your own interface or our white label application.

Generate an IBAN for each of your clients and easily manage all the incoming and outgoing flows. You can even offer them physical or virtual debit cards to build loyalty to your services.

With our customizable accounts and debit cards, you can control everything your clients do with the funds (Payment limits, merchant types, countries,..)

Allow your customers to pay their invoices, payrolls, expenses from your platform with a click. No need to involve their old school bank, just track and reconcile their payments by issuing virtual IBANs and virtual payment cards that can be managed from your own interface.

Don’t make your policyholders front the money and wait for your reimbursement. Instead, put the funds directly on an account (IBAN) in their name on your own interface. They can pay their fees on it by card (virtual or physical) or transfer. Stay in control of the way they use the funds (Payment limits, merchant types, countries,..).